Saturday, May 31, 2008

Maui! The Beach

Last year when we were in Maui Kaden had a unshakable aversion to the sand, he would whine & not move if it was touching him. We had to carry him or drag the stroller down the beach everytime! It bothered him the whole time we were there so we were interested to see if he would have the same annoying reaction this year.

We plopped him on his feet in the sand & just kept walking to see if he would even notice if we didn't make a whole thing out of it. Well, he stopped, looked at his feet & said "there's sand in my crocs" I said, "yeah, there's sand in my sandals, too" & kept on walking. He just sorta looked at me & started walking again. That was the last we heard about the sand bothering him! Yeah!!

First day at the beach in Kaanapali.

Kaden way out in the water with Mary & the kids.

A cool turtle that swam right past us. We've seen lots of turtles while snorkeling, but never just swimming along next to the beach with all the people everywhere.

Kaden & Erica at Big Beach. The waves here were so powerful, great for the big kids trying to boogie board, not so good for little ones.

Here's Brad about to be clobbered.

A typical wave tackeling all the kids.

Chelsea & Alexis debating whether to run into or away from the wave.

Dan, Chelsea & Brian riding in on a great wave.
Chris holding onto Erica to keep her from washing away!

A guy broke his ankle battling the waves, Brad & Dave had to carry him off the beach.

Snokeling near La Perouse Bay.
Kaden trying his skim boading skills.
We took up quite a bit of the beach when we "set up camp."

Kaden wanted to boogie board like the big kids so badly!

He's waiting for the perfect wave.

Enough water to move him around abit.
This is a much better way to do it!
Brian, Dave & Brad getting ready to surf.

My beach boy.

Worn out!

Brittnee trying her hand at it.


Debbie said...

Beach bums galore. You are such a lucky bunch!!

Mama Nirvana said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had an amazing trip!


Shonda said...

isn't it nice to finally have some sunshine here! I have been looking at these photos for a while, and whiping the drool away. At least the sun finally popped out for us too!