Wednesday, April 09, 2008


This year the Corvallis Easter egg hunt was right during church so we crashed the Philomath Easter Egg hunt since it was on Saturday morning.

The weather was beautiful & the crowd was a much better size then last years Corvallis hunt.

He has recently decided that he likes wearing my stocking cap more than his own.
Such excitement!
He was most impressed with the eggs that had stickers & balloons inside.
Kaden & Nixon comparing their loot.
We were driving through Albany later that day & saw this giant Easter Bunny walking down the sidewalk. Such luck!

Our own precious little bunny!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring comes in like a Lamb...

We made it out to the lambing barns a couple times last month to try to catch a glimpse of a baby lamb being born. No such luck though.
Here's Kaden with Janessa.

We did see alot of really cute babies.

And some very pregnant mommies!

These twins were hilarious, they were trying to tag team their mama to get her to roll over & nurse. The one on top would jump up & down on her back while the other one would run around trying to ram into her. She wouldn't budge an inch. There's an in control mommy!

Here we are with Nixon. Still no luck seeing a birth. In all my years growing up here we always went to the OSU barns during lambing season & I have never got to see one being born.

Believe it or not this was St. Patricks day & this little lamb was sporting green ears!
This baby was so cute curled up in a tight little ball in the feed chute.
Well, maybe next year we'll see a birth!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


We just finished up our first session in gymnastics at OSU's kidspirit. Kaden loved it!

It was a great outlet for cooped up winter energy.

Check out those skills!

Brad recently put a pull up bar in the garage so now Kaden has gotten pretty good at holding on & hanging for as long as he can.

The trampoline was the biggest hit!

Our little buddy Nixon.
They are such great little gymnasts!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Bloggers on the Block!

My sisters have both decided to hop on the blogging bandwagon!

Check them out here...
Brittnee & Amy