Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend in Central Oregon

We recently spent the weekend in Central Oregon. While staying in Bend with Grama Pickles we got to enjoy Munch & Music at Drake Park, complete with a bouncey kingdom. Kaden was in heaven!!
He was accompanied by Erica on this bouncey adventure.
We mosied over to Prineville to enjoy the Crook County Fair & Rodeo. Alexis, Anna, Erica, and Kaden (& my mom) got up close to the action. The most exiting event was the Mutton Busting, little kids trying to hold on & ride a sheep for 8 seconds. It was hilarious, I gotta get Kaden signed up for that next year!
We got to see Uncle Dave in action. He is working as a volunteer for the Prineville Police Dept.

Action (that just means blurry) shot of Kaden trying to kiss a sheep.

Hangin' near the cows with Auntie Brittnee.
Grama & the piggies.

Kaden got to take a ride on my Dad's elk mount while it was off the wall.

I suppose this is what Kaden would look like if he was monted on the wall!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Benton County Fair

Kaden got to go on some big kid rides at the fair. He takes his flight skills very seriously & kept his hands on the wheel the whole time.

He even rode a roller coaster all by himself! He was pretty startled when it first started moving, but was soon smiling!

We got to see lots of horses...

A baby pygmy goat...

( I think we will have to become goat farmers some day & have a whole herd of these little pygmies, they are too cute!)

Kaden trying his hardest to fall in the goat pen.

There were even some cool reptiles, this turtle was huge!

"Future" FFA!

Kids Corral...

Wouldn't we make lovely pioneers!

Friday, August 17, 2007


How scary is this!! We found this on our evening walk around the neighborhood the other night. We couldn't quite tell was living in it... and didn't want to stick around to find out! Yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, giant alien stingers? Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

July Road trip- On the way home

Brad flew home after the reunion, so the rest of the trip was just Kaden & us girls. We drove home through Yellowstone saw lots of animals, buffalo & elk mostly & stopped by Old Faithful Geyser. Our timing was perfect it went off about 10 minutes after we got there. It goes off regularly about every 90-120 minutes.
We went through the super cool Old Faithful Lodge.

We stayed in Cody, Wy. & got to go to the Night Rodeo. It is runs every night during the summer months.
Anna, Erica & Alexis are in this crowd of kids. It was basically a "capture the flag" contest, with the flag being attached to a calf. It was pretty funny to watch them running around in flip-flops trying to avoid the leftover land mines!

The last stop on our trip was in Meridian, ID. at my Uncle Dan's house. They just built an amazing pool in their backyard. Complete with jumping platforms. The top platform has water that cascades off into the pool. Very cool!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

July Road Trip - Reunion in Montana

This is my Great Grama Cecelia, the reunion was in her honor as she turns 94 this year. She had 14 children, one died as a child, one passed just recently, and one wasn't feeling well last month. Other than that, 11 of her children and most of their families were there to spend some good family time together!
Cecelia's daughter, my Grama Pickles. Pickles daughter, my mom Donna. (And my cousin Paula's pup.)
Me & my Grama.
Kaden with my cousins Anna & Alexis, he likes to call her Ali.

Kaden playing with "Uncle" Buster, he is my Grama Cecelia's only kid at home these days!
My sister & her husband, Brittnee & Dave Halbleib.
My sister Amy...
... & her husband Dave Kramer.

While at the reunion we played alot of games. Brad & my aunt Anita are fierce Scrabble competitors, they are always trying to prove they are smarter than each other. No room for the casual Scrabble player here, so....

we played a matching game instead!
Lots of fun with stickers. A bunch of the Gramas and Moms worked on this quilt while the rest of us played, it was auctioned off at the end of the reunion. My sister Amy was the highest bidder!
It was lots of fun....
We can't wait to see everybody again next summer!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Toby and Tommy (or as Kaden says "Boobie and Homey")

We call this "Lotsa Lhasas." Kaden's Grandparents got a new puppy as a companion for Toby. Toby is the Samurai in the video. Wickett can also be seen being harassed by Tommy.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

July Road Trip- Glacier National Park, Montana - Continental Divide

Here we are on the road to our family reunion in Havre, Montana. We drove through Glacier National Park with my Aunt Anita and cousins.
Left to Right: Anna, Alexis, Brad, Heather, Kaden, Erica (Missing: Anita)
Continental Divide : Point at which water falling on one side goes to one ocean and water falling on the other side goes to another ocean.

Top of the "Going to the Sun Road"

July Road trip- Silverwood Park

We made a quick stop at Silverwood Park in Coeur d' Alene on the way to our family reunion in Havre, Montana. Super fun roller coasters and an amazing water park!

(Kaden & cousin Erica)
Long day!