Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun in Prineville


We have been on an unitended hiatus from blogging. But I have in fact been starting and not finishing or publishing posts all along. So in an effort to get back on track I'm going back to clean up everything that has been sitting in draft forever!
Way back in October we spent a few fun days in Prineville with my parents. Kaden had a great time with his grama Nana & Papa 'eve while I was busy worrying about Wickett.

Kaden discovered a new hiding spot IN the fridge!(this was new to him as our fridge is on top) He found a giant pitcher of lemonade right at his level & with the help of a straw he was able to climb in there & suck down as much as possible before being discovered. He was able to fit in there with the door all but an inch or 2 closed. So sneaky!

The city of Prineville was having their 150th birthday celebration so there was a fun petting zoo in central park.

They had old firetrucks on display for the kiddos to climb up on.

Kaden also got to try out the new fire engine, nice fit, huh?

Kaden & Grama got to dress up as pioneers!

We got to take our own private train ride through town. We showed up too late after the tours were over for the day, but the conductor was kind enough to let us ride one way back to the train depot, which was way better because we got the whole thing to ourselves & it only lasted 15 minute instead of the hour long tour crammed with a hundred other people!

Here we are waving to my dad as we passed his office.

Kaden got a chance to learn some big kid skills while with Grama. After a few minutes of instruction he was on his way!

It was a slight incline in a few places & needed some pushing assistance.

He was pretty excited to feed the horses the grass clippings.

Then we had a little photo shoot.

Brad's Mexican Adventure


This is what Brad was busy doing while we were in Prineville.

Exploring Mexico with his high school buddy Carl & Carl's brother Jeremy & their cousin Carlos.

Pumpkin Patch

Before Halloween we got to go to the Pumpkin Patch with Aunt Brandy & cousin Howard & baby cousin Charlie.

Rubber ducky races.

Playing in the Corn (sand)box.

This little piggie...

Stuck in the hay bale maze.

Discovering a much easier way to navigate the maze!

Waiting for the tractor ride.

In the wagon on our way to pick out a pumpkin.
"I claim this one!"

Halloween...again & again

Kaden & I did the downtown Corvallis trick-or-treating dressed up as Super Sleuths Tigger & Darby! (I even cut my hair for the full effect!)

Later that evening we went to the Heritage Mall with Debbie's family for some nice, warm, indoor trick-or-treating!

The Saturday before Halloween Brandy brought Howard & Charlie down so we could go to the Albany downtown trick-or-traeting event together.

Charlie was a very cute turtle, but the effect was best while he was crawling.

Superman & Tigger.

"hey, we want our candy!"....

Silly boys!

And lastly, our friend Joseph at the ward Halloween party.